Thursday, June 18, 2009

Our trip to Georgia

The kids and I went to Georgia this week to visit family!!! We had such an awesome time... We were staying with my cousin Sande and her family, and on Wednesday we took a special trip to
visit Mike's uncle in Waleska, Ga. They have 3 boys and live on a huge farm..... The boys had a great time exploring the land being pecked by chickens... He had a great time... I hope you all love the pictures...

Friday, June 12, 2009

Life has been crazy!

Well, as you all know, life with a new baby is very busy and challenging... I am sorry to all for not posting as frequently as you may like, but life is crazy... As you can tell by all the pictures, we have been having an awesome summer and have been busy with all the joys that Lily brings... The boys love her so much and can barely keep their hands to themselves... As we expected, Kayden has been such a wonderful big brother. He loves to kiss her and be involved in every aspect of her life... He decides what she wears each day, helps with diaper changes, buckles her in her carseat, loves to hold her, and is at her service with each whimper that she makes..... He is so funny, he will holler out to people that we are meeting and talking to on the phone... "Have you seen my Lily?" He is such a joy! Michael is also a big helper, only he is on the protective side.... If someone trys to come and take a look at her in the carseat, he will pull the visor over her, so that they can't see her face.... It is so funny. He is the first to hear her cry and the first to find her pacifer and help her calm... While I get ready each morning, he lays with her in my bed and makes sure she is covered and kept cozy... He calls her Lilbug...He is just precious..... I must say, I have some awesome men.....Michael is potty training and Kayden is right there encouraging him... they are so funny!! Well...anyway... I hope you all love the pictures and videos!

A brief description of photos...

Kayden and Lily at VBS

The boys goofing around with Lily

Kayden and his hermet crab Batman

Michael flashing the neighborhood... No this was not encouraged

The kids just being precious


Kayden's T ball .... he's on the Red Sox


Puddle jumping.... notice the rainbow......

Fishing with daddy