Thursday, October 23, 2008

A whole lot of EVERYTHING!

Daddy and Mike @ St Andrews Beach in Destin, Fl

Kayden swimming with his buddies, Casey and Jesse!

Dinner on the beach at Treasure Ship Restaurant..... Yummy!!

Kayden getting his pirate hat... AAARRRRRGGGGHHHH~

Mike eating his HUGE kiddy plate of catfish.... MMMM

Kayden's kiddy burger.... It was bigger than his head....

Silly boys..... Kayden trying not to laugh!

Michael just cant help but laugh!!

At the park..... staying hydrated!!

My little batmen!

At the pumpkin patch's petting zoo!!

Kayden found his pumpkin... " Mama, this one is huge!!" My sweet boy!

On the hayride!

Kayden being very silly!!

Michael put on daddy's motorcycle helmet!

Wow.... We have been busy!! We have been playing at the park ( trying to soak up what is left of the heat,) Down to Destin, Fl to vacation and have our pictures taken on the beach, to the pumpkin patch, garage selling ( you know we are ebay fans,) and last but not least, sleeping ( I am always tired!)

Hope that explains my lack of updates!! But here are some of the pictures from our ventures!!!

Hope you love them!!!


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tennessee Visit....

Waiting patiently for Camen to get home from school!
Kayden brought Camden a sunny delight when he greeted him in the driveway!
Watching movies..... Best buds!
Camden and Kayden.... best friends and cousins!

Mommy and Michael, head butt
Jumping on the trampoline... Michael, Kayden, Camden, and Braden!
Kayden and Zachary

This past week we went to visit family in Tennesse.... What a great trip it was! We stayed with Mike's brother and sisiter in law..... ( Kenny, Jenna, Camden, and Zachary) They just bought their first place and opened their home to us for the whole week! He had couple's game night, movie night, date night, and even tried out a new church with them! It was a perfect get-a-way! Here are some pictures of our visit! I hope you all had as great of a weekend as we did!!

Love to all of you!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Mike and I had an appt yesterday to see the baby!! We were so happy to hear that the baby is strong and healthy! I have uploaded a few pictures from the ultrasound.... The 4D image looks a little strange, but at 12 weeks, the doctor says this is normal..... I hope you all enjoy!!
Love to all!!