Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Mike and I had an appt yesterday to see the baby!! We were so happy to hear that the baby is strong and healthy! I have uploaded a few pictures from the ultrasound.... The 4D image looks a little strange, but at 12 weeks, the doctor says this is normal..... I hope you all enjoy!!
Love to all!!



The Ousdahls said...

Thank you for posting these pictures. I am so glad to hear that all is going well with our 3rd niece or nephew.

Much Love to you,


The Army of Allmans said...

I think they are great looking pictures of HER (my guess) miss you! Lanessa

Jennibeck said...

Love the pics!! I am so excited for you guys!!

Anonymous said...

What a pretty little girl. Oh I forgot God hasnt decided yet. Well guess he knows best. H e has done a good job so far.
Love and continued good health. Kim keep eating your veggies.
Love Grandma Hamerdinger

Anonymous said...

What cute pictures, I think it is a girl, she is so cute!!! These are the first of many pictures you will be posting of her, how exciting!! Love, Pat

Melinda said...

Hey Kim, I have been waiting for these pictures of the new baby. I am hoping for a little girl. She would have two big brothers for protection...ha ha .
Either way it looks like a healthy baby. Glad you had a good time in Tennessee.
Melinda Watkins