Monday, August 11, 2008

Fishing With Daddy!

Kayden went fishing with daddy today, and after Michael and I got up and moving we headed out to join them... Here are some pictures of the fun!!!

Weekend Fun!

Well... this weekend was full of fun! On Saturday we all got up early to head to Dothan (about 40 min out of Enterprise) to visit our friends Lanessa and Jason in the hospital... The Lord blessed them with another beautiful little boy, and we just had to see... After seeing the little man, we headed to King's Pizza ( just like Chuck E Cheese) The boys played and played, and ate and ate..... After spending 30.00 we walked out with full bellies, a balloon, gum, and a Spiderman wallet... It was soooo much fun! Michael is finally getting to the age that he enjoys all of the rides.... After that we headed to the mall to buy Michael a new pair of sunglasses, look at Motherhood Maternity, and do a little shopping in Pets Mart..... Dad found a new home for our new Hermit Crabs, and some fun little toys for them to play with! They are extremely happy campers now!! We had such an awesome day, and the kids were so well behaved!! What a perfect Saturday! On Sunday, well... we spent the whole day either at church or talking about church! What a wonderful Sunday!! Hope you like the pictures!

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Praise the Lord for the rain!!! It poured, and poured, then the sun shined bright... then it poured, and poured, then the sun shined bright!!! After a few rain showers.... the boys and i headed out to do some puddle jumping!! They had a blast.... Hope you love the pictures!!!

Kayden and Alex

one, two, three... jump!
Just me and my buddy!!!
Wow... this is cool!

Kayden's friend Alex came to hang out with us yesterday, while his mommy was having a baby!! We had a great time, and helped the time pass with tons of "boy" stuff!! A guy in the complex is a cop, so he let the boys check out his car, then we did some jumping off the couches, and even took a spin on the motorcycle...(well... not really, they just sat on it)

Here are pictures from that adventure!

Fun with the Allman Boys!


I know I am a little delayed in posting, so there will be a lot tonight.... here we go!

It all starts with our dear friends, Lanessa and Jason! They have the sweetest little boys ever..... Parker, Banner, and West. Here is what happens when we get their 3 and our 2 boys together!!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Michael, Michael, Michael!

What can be said about sweet little Michael? He is ALL boy! This little child of mine has graced this family with so many faces!! With the terrible twos fast approaching, I am certain that the many, many sides of this boy will rise again! He has definately gotten his mothers passion... when he is happy, he is HAPPY, but when you flick that switch, there's no telling what he'll do!! He is just, well, funny to watch ! I am happy that the Lord blessed me with a great sense of humor and excitement for life! Each day I am reminded at how quickly these little boys of mine will be grown, and how the much I will reminisce on days past! I truly am going to miss these days when they are gone! The cry that I hear after I shut the door is a small reminder of how great I am doing as a mother...( they love me so much, they hate to see me leave.) Soon, I will not even get a tear at goodbyes, and kisses will become few and far between!! For now, I will cherish every bump, every kiss, and every tug....... " You're gonna miss this, you're gonna want this back...."


Michael's list of words....

Jesus (at prayer time)
Cheese (only spoken when taking pictures)
Amen (after each prayer)
Thank you (spoken underneath his sign language hand)
bubba (Kayden)
Milk (mill)
hello (yelling "hhhhheeeeeoooooo")
cattin (cat and kitten put together)

New From us!!

Well... some exciting things have been happening around here.... Kayden has taken up photography... some of his work above......some people take face pictures... Kayden takes action photos!

And well.... WE'RE PREGNANT!!!
My ticker is in the top left corner so you can keep track of where I am!! Yeah!