Monday, August 11, 2008

Weekend Fun!

Well... this weekend was full of fun! On Saturday we all got up early to head to Dothan (about 40 min out of Enterprise) to visit our friends Lanessa and Jason in the hospital... The Lord blessed them with another beautiful little boy, and we just had to see... After seeing the little man, we headed to King's Pizza ( just like Chuck E Cheese) The boys played and played, and ate and ate..... After spending 30.00 we walked out with full bellies, a balloon, gum, and a Spiderman wallet... It was soooo much fun! Michael is finally getting to the age that he enjoys all of the rides.... After that we headed to the mall to buy Michael a new pair of sunglasses, look at Motherhood Maternity, and do a little shopping in Pets Mart..... Dad found a new home for our new Hermit Crabs, and some fun little toys for them to play with! They are extremely happy campers now!! We had such an awesome day, and the kids were so well behaved!! What a perfect Saturday! On Sunday, well... we spent the whole day either at church or talking about church! What a wonderful Sunday!! Hope you like the pictures!

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