Friday, August 1, 2008

Michael, Michael, Michael!

What can be said about sweet little Michael? He is ALL boy! This little child of mine has graced this family with so many faces!! With the terrible twos fast approaching, I am certain that the many, many sides of this boy will rise again! He has definately gotten his mothers passion... when he is happy, he is HAPPY, but when you flick that switch, there's no telling what he'll do!! He is just, well, funny to watch ! I am happy that the Lord blessed me with a great sense of humor and excitement for life! Each day I am reminded at how quickly these little boys of mine will be grown, and how the much I will reminisce on days past! I truly am going to miss these days when they are gone! The cry that I hear after I shut the door is a small reminder of how great I am doing as a mother...( they love me so much, they hate to see me leave.) Soon, I will not even get a tear at goodbyes, and kisses will become few and far between!! For now, I will cherish every bump, every kiss, and every tug....... " You're gonna miss this, you're gonna want this back...."


Michael's list of words....

Jesus (at prayer time)
Cheese (only spoken when taking pictures)
Amen (after each prayer)
Thank you (spoken underneath his sign language hand)
bubba (Kayden)
Milk (mill)
hello (yelling "hhhhheeeeeoooooo")
cattin (cat and kitten put together)

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