Monday, July 28, 2008

Handsome Boys!

Just a few pictures taken in the bath and getting ready for bed!!! What innocent smiles they have, dont let them fool you!!!


Mike was headed fishing with Kayden one morning and so he had bought some worms for the trip.... Kayden and Michael couldn't wait to get their hands on the slimy little things... Here are some pictures of the excitement!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Here I come to save the day!

I found some more pictures of my superheros...

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Summer..... Friends and Fun

Well, this summer is zooming by! Kayden and Michael have kept me super busy this summer with little downtime to just relax..... Instead I am laughing, swimming, and wrestling.... What more could a mother ask for! We had some friends over today to play, so we headed to the pool for a little FUN! Kayden has taken off with his swimming and everyday he is impressing me with his new found confidence.... He loves to dive for rings and jump from the side..... Michael on the other hand, well lets say that he has never really been without confidence in the swimming area.... He is a little too comfortable in the pool and actually walks off the side and straight in if you don't watch him... He is a DAREDEVIL!! We have such awesome water babies and such sweet friends to share our summer with!! I hope you all had a great time swimming with us.....

We love you, Cindy, Christiana, Lanessa, Parker, Banner, and West!!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Swim Lessons!!

Well... swim lessons are finally over and we are so proud of our little man... He feels like such a big boy with his fancy certificate and he cant wait to show everyone how much he has learned!

Hope you all enjoy!

Monday, July 14, 2008

My Artist!

Kayden is definitely taking after his Uncle Bryan! He is quite the artist. He is a really great at coloring in the lines and has really started to show us how much talent he has... Each day he draws on the etch-a-sketch while in the car and today while Mike and I were taking the boys to the store he showed us a picture he drew of me...... We were so impressed we kept it up front of the car and took it home to take a picture of it... We are proud parents... I hope you can see the striking resemblance to me!! Keep em coming Kayden!!!

My Super Heroes!!

What wonderful friends I have... I love hand-me-downs... I told you all before about my friend Jen who gave us all of her sons hand-me-downs, and he loved ALL of his superhero stuff, well now my friend Amy gave us some clothes for Michael... He loves his superman sleeper with attached cape... He "flies" all around the apt, and when he does it "wrong" Kayden helps him correct and fly correctly! They are so silly!! My sweet Boys... They are so wonderful to me!!! I couldn't ask for a better set of boys!!

Swim Lessons!!

It's official.... My son is a BIG Boy! We got him into swim lessons at the YMCA this year and he is loving it... Each morning I wake up to Kayden already in his swimsuit and shoes saying, " Mommy, okay, lets go.." He loves his teachers and they will teach him the basics like how to get to the edge, arms strokes, leg kicks, and breathing... He has already jumped of the diving board, and learned most of his techniques... what a smart boy he is... I love you Kayden!!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy Freedom!

Our family had a relaxed fourth of July day at home and then went to the post park for the fireworks display! It was such a nice day! Kayden was able to do the confidence course that the army had set up, and then the boys enjoyed saving the day in the firetruck! It was a fun filled day of family and friends!! Love to all!

The Montgomery Zoo

Our family took a trip to the Montgomery Zoo on Thursday..... It was such a beautiful day with bright skies and a slight breeze.... Our friends were able to join our outting as well.... The Langston's and the Turner's... I hope you all love the pictures....

Ps... Did you know that the female lion hunts and kills dinner, but the male lion always gets to eat first? Ladies... we need to talk!!!!