Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Summer..... Friends and Fun

Well, this summer is zooming by! Kayden and Michael have kept me super busy this summer with little downtime to just relax..... Instead I am laughing, swimming, and wrestling.... What more could a mother ask for! We had some friends over today to play, so we headed to the pool for a little FUN! Kayden has taken off with his swimming and everyday he is impressing me with his new found confidence.... He loves to dive for rings and jump from the side..... Michael on the other hand, well lets say that he has never really been without confidence in the swimming area.... He is a little too comfortable in the pool and actually walks off the side and straight in if you don't watch him... He is a DAREDEVIL!! We have such awesome water babies and such sweet friends to share our summer with!! I hope you all had a great time swimming with us.....

We love you, Cindy, Christiana, Lanessa, Parker, Banner, and West!!!


The Army of Allmans said...

Thank you so much for post that fablous picture of me in a suimsuit- a big blue whale! We had lots of fun today too! Thanks for having us- ya'll are too fun.

The Ousdahls said...

I love your new Blog look. Very nice. We so need to plan a week together, so our adorable kids can have some great times with their cousins =) Talk to Mike about it.

I love you Sis.