Monday, July 14, 2008

Swim Lessons!!

It's official.... My son is a BIG Boy! We got him into swim lessons at the YMCA this year and he is loving it... Each morning I wake up to Kayden already in his swimsuit and shoes saying, " Mommy, okay, lets go.." He loves his teachers and they will teach him the basics like how to get to the edge, arms strokes, leg kicks, and breathing... He has already jumped of the diving board, and learned most of his techniques... what a smart boy he is... I love you Kayden!!

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The Ousdahls said...

Dearest Kayden,

If you are anything like the Ousdahls, you will be a natural in the water...I know your Mommy and Uncle Matthew were swimmers in high school. Swimming is still one of your Uncle Matthew's Favorite things to do =)

I am so happy that you are enjoying your Swim lessons...I know you will learn so much and be just like a Fish in the water!

Much Love to you,

Your Aunt Melissa