Monday, July 14, 2008

My Super Heroes!!

What wonderful friends I have... I love hand-me-downs... I told you all before about my friend Jen who gave us all of her sons hand-me-downs, and he loved ALL of his superhero stuff, well now my friend Amy gave us some clothes for Michael... He loves his superman sleeper with attached cape... He "flies" all around the apt, and when he does it "wrong" Kayden helps him correct and fly correctly! They are so silly!! My sweet Boys... They are so wonderful to me!!! I couldn't ask for a better set of boys!!

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The Ousdahls said...

Wow...I knew I had 2 adorable nephews, but I didn't know that they were both SUPER HEROS too!! How cool.

With Love from Delaware,

Matt, Melissa, Michaela, & Madelin