Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Art show......

Okay, so all you parents out there have asked this question of themselves before.... " What do I do with all this artwork?" Well I think I might have the answer to the question.... Kayden is a little ARTIST!! He loves to draw and he loves to create, but our refrigerator and cabinets and walls and doors are filling up! Thats not even to mention all the art that is already sitting in the linen closet! I hate to throw them away, but do I really need to hang on to all of them??? The answer is NO! I have created a way that everyone can win!! I am going to have an Art Show where people can buy his artwork and ALL the money will go to benefit Cancer research! It is a win win... Of course I will keep his prize pieces for him to show his kids, but everything else will go! What do you think??

I will be sending out flyers for the event later.....

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The Ousdahls said...

Dear Kim,

I think this is a FABULOUS idea. It will benefit a charity and most importantly, give Kayden a sense of pride and confidence. Let me know how it goes.

Love ya Sis,