Sunday, June 15, 2008

saying hello

Wellll.... What can I say, Kayden loves his super hero's! Jen, a friend of mine, gave me all of her sons outgrown clothes..... Needless to say, his spiderman PJs are his favorite. He was never actually seen any of the movies, but he sure does know all of his moves!!! I hope you all love the flick!!

Love you all!


Zachary David Stafford said...

We know how much he loves JuJu!! :)

The Ousdahls said...

How cool to see this video. My nephews are too cute.

Much Love,

Aunt Melissa

martha hamerdinger said...

Fun, fun, I love to hear Kayden struggle with saying Hamerdinger. They are so cute. Love Love

Jana and Kids said...

very cute Kimmy ! your boys are so adorable and you look great ! Miss ya tons ,