Thursday, March 12, 2009

My little man is not so little....

Kayden started playing soccer last week... He is so full of excitement each Tuesday and Friday just to get out and play with his friends... Especially Alex!! He and Alex are best friends and love to do everything together... It was no wonder when they got on the same team together at the YMCA!! They are so smart and are really beginning to "get" the game. They are learning to kick the ball with their heads up, not us their hands, and passing!! Mike played soccer growing up, so it is no wonder that he breeds soccer boys!!! Even little Mike loves to come to the practices and chase the soccer ball!!! Like father like son!!!I love you Kayden and I am really enjoying each step of your growth!!! You are an AMAZING boy and can't wait to see where the Lord will lead your life... I pray each day you will follow the direction of God's voice and lean not on your own strength but on that of Jesus!! I love you Dude! Here are a few pictures of my little man growing up!!!

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Melinda Watkins said...

Way to go Kayden. Glad you are out and having a blast playing soccer. Enjoy yourself. Tell you mommy and daddy we said hello.
Melinda Watkins