Sunday, February 12, 2012

Window clings!

Korea has some of the most exciting crafts! At our homeschool co-op a few weeks ago my friend Selina taught the kids how to make window clings. Of course, Kayden and Michael loved them and wanted to make more, so we HAD to buy it! :) It comes with clear paper so you can trace the patterns they have given, or you can create your own. We decided to create some with our Star Wars coloring book. R2-D2 and Anakin. The boys had a great time tracing them, and then we learned patience when we had to wait a few hours to paint them and then a day for the overall paint to dry! Michael's Anakin was awesome but was a bit long so it ended up folding in on itself. :( Boo!! Kayden's R2-D2 was amazing and looked great catching the sun!! Plus a picture of Lily and her best friend, Faith!! They are so sweet together!

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