Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Our trip home to America

We made it!! After a VERY long day and a half, we made it to US soil!!! Woohoo!! The kids did great and enjoyed all of the inflight movies and video games! Lily enjoyed having her daddy by her side to answer her every need and Mike and I were very thankful for obedient and flexible children! We spent our first few nights with my Grandma and Uncles and even enjoyed a nice visit from my brother Bryan and his wife and son. This was my first time meeting my sweet nephew Colton, and boy was he a cutie!! He is such a joyful and happy baby! It was a real treat to see them. After a few days there, we headed to the Welk Resort with my Grandpa. On our way, we stopped by and saw Mikes Uncle Brian who is living in Escondido! The kids enjoyed riding his wheelchair and going on the tour that Brian gave us! It is always nice to see family, especially Brian!! After our visit with him we headed to the resort. It has tons of amenities on site, so we have been able to enjoy all that the resort has to offer! We went fishing today, Kayden and Grandpa made sundaes at the rec center, and we even were able to enjoy the waterslides at the pool. On Monday we went to Legoland and enjoyed a full day of Legos!! Below are some pictures from our trip so far!! More to come!

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The Army of Allmans said...

So glad ya'll are back! Gonna have to try Lego land since we aren't too far. And no way are those your kids- they grew too fast!