Friday, July 2, 2010

Your hands, Your feet

Just when I needed it, a woman walked up, tapped my shoulder, and gave me a gentle reminder, a small word of encouragement to keep me pressing on to the ultimate goal…


I have been in daily prayer for my children… especially these past few weeks… Not just the type of prayer that you do at meals and bedtime, but the minute by minute prayer… The constant dialogue for strength and endurance..... The type of strength that it takes to combat the difficult demands of parenting a preschooler… I have been ending my day with left-over’s, my mind has been wrestling with the days happenings; what I should have done or what I could have done… The anxiety of my skills leaves me paralyzed… Do I have what it takes to do this right?

I pray for my anxiety….

I pray for direction…

I look for a light that will surround the answer… To be an immediate fix to a difficult 3 year old.. An instantaneous transformation… You, God, can do that…. Please reveal to me what will work… What will make the screaming and whining come to an end?

Then I get a tap…

“It is nice to see a mother who is raising her children in the Lord…” the woman says….


Thank you God!

I know You sent her… I know You are using her to be Your hands and feet… The light You are revealing to me is not an instant fix, but instead a reminder to press on… To keep the course… To lean on You! My instant fix will come with Your return…… Sin will be no more… and You alone will transform….. Give me the guidance to show who You are, to be Your hands and Your feet… In your time… I will wait….

I say a prayer of thanksgiving, for you always answer….

What happens when daddy feeds Lily breakfast... In his defense, he gave her sausage and pancakes first!
Sweet blue eyes!



The new "cheese" What happens when I tell Lily to smile!
Daddy is the best!


The Army of Allmans said...

Oh MY GOODNESS! Could she be any cuter? And so big now! Really at first I thought I was looking at Michael! And how cute are her little teeth? Thank you for the reminder to contantly be praying for my own sanity, I need it!

Anonymous said...

My sweetie, she loves chocolate pudding!!!!or whatever it is. You should send that picture to the product manufacturer. Would make a great commercial. Love Grandma

Anonymous said...

What a sweetie. Just makes my heart sing.
to think she is my great grand daughter.