Friday, October 28, 2011

Hello again!

I did it!!! I posted twice in 2 weeks.. Yeah me!!! Well, this week has been busy!! We have been doing school, socccer, piano recital, and exploring. Kayden and Michael did a presentation at co-op and taught the other kids how to polish pennies with lemon juice! Kayden spoke and Michael handed out pennies, cups, and lemon juice! They did great!! Also, Kayden's piano recital was this week. He has spent a lot of time practicing and it really paid off. He did great! I will post a video later. Aside from tripping on his own feet when he was done, he had a flawless performance! He is such a musician!! Michael's plants in our windows grew like crazy!! In only a few days roots sprouted and in a week we had leaves!! The boys loved watching them grow so much, that we decided to do it again! :) Lily has been busy potty training and terrorizing her brothers... We also had our Spooky Hallow on post and the kids got to dress up and get candy from some of the vendors.. They had a great time and loved seeing their friends dressed up as well!!! I hope you enjoy the pictures!!

Kayden measuing himself against the apple peel.

Using our new toy.....

Taste testing the Red Delicious apple against Granny Smith.. We apparantly are a red apple family!!

Wonder Woman taking a break on daddy's shoulders.. Even Super heros need to rest!

Best Friends!

The boys were so happy to find the clone troopers... I think thats what they are called!

Its okay Superman, Ill take it from here, you can go take a nap!

Kayden's piano recital.

I just love this face!


We even school on the potty!

Science with daddy!

Yeah Science!

Using my sense of smell to figure out what daddy has!

Kayden loves science!

We even learned some letters in Braille and wrote a letter to our friend in KY. Hi Braden!

Kayden presenting his science experiment to the kids in our co-op. He did such a great job!

Kayden teaching Michael how to make a more realistic machine gun sound with his mouth!

Telling his sister goodnight (playing) for naptime!


Pictures Michael made for his best friends, Grace and Tristan!

Lily loves her Geoboard!

Michael posing with his "J"aguar and "K"angaroo

He LOVES to read!

Our handprint Turkeys, courtesy of Pinterest! Kayden's has only one eye because its an alien turkey, apparently!

And Michael's is a mutant turkey... 2 big eyes and 3 small eyes.... I love boys!! They are out-of-the-box thinkers...

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The Ousdahls said...

Love it all!! You are an awesome Mom and have 3 amazing and adorable kids and 1 super husband!! I loved seeing all the photos of your guys' life, love, and learning!! Such a blessing! We love you all!!

Aunt Melissa