Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I don't want to hear about it. I know its been a long time!

A really long time!!! I refuse to try and play catch up. Too much time has passed and I wouldnt even know where to start. We are all here, all growing, all learning, and all still loving each other!!! YEAH!

I have set a goal to try to update weekly with new pics of the kiddos and what we have been up to. If you know me well, you know that I am not much of a goal keeper, but I am praying this one will be the one that changes my whole world!! Who knows, maybe next Ill aspire to run a 10 miler. Oh wait, that too was a forgotten goal! Oh well... Here goes nothing!!

We are still here in Korea. We are loving the country and enjoying all of the adventures, but are looking forward to our return to America in April. We just recently found out our next assignment will be Dallas, Texas and I am beyond excited because 3 of my favorite things are there; In N Out Burger, Ikea, and Beth Moore! :) Also, we are trying our hand at homeschooling this year and that has been a huge adjustment and blessing all at once. Kayden has been such a joy to have around and it has been so awesome to be there when the light bulb goes off and things make sense. He is so smart. He gets the brains from his daddy. Little Michael is also homeschooling and is really our class clown. He works so diligently and then quietly ( VERY LOUDLY ) sits still ( CRACKS JOKES ) as he waits for the rest of the crew to be finished!! He is a bundle of energy and can make me laugh AT LEAST 100 times a day! He also gets this from his daddy!!! Lily has been a great sport about this new schedule and really enjoys having her brothers around. When her big brothers are around she is constantly protected from all evil and injustice in the world. EXCEPT of course for the torture that they endure on her. She is spoiled and I think she knows it!! :) Here are some pictures from this week thus far... And folks, its only Tuesday! So far, my goal is being met. Yeah me!

Our science experiment. Seeing which beans will grow in a ziplock....

The art in our school room. Who knew our kids names were in alphabetical order... We made them out of crayons. Thanks Breanna and Pinterst for inspiring!

Michael working hard at unwrapping the crayons for melting.

Our finished product. Star crayons!

Starting the pumpkins. Michael hated the smell.

Finally having fun and embracing the smell!

Lily loves working with daddy!

Michael wanted to do it all by himself. He was mad I wouldnt give up free reign of the knife!

The finished product.

Our superhero lanterns. Superman and Green lantern

Working on our clay "playdoh" tablets. Practicing our cuneiform, one of the earliest forms of writing.

Writing a secret message to daddy!

Lily gave up and made playdoh balls.

Coloring her picture of Mesopotamia.

Being silly

Making a necklace while her brothers finish up work.

Lily and Michael's new place to relax, our back porch. They sit and wait for Kayden to be done while enjoying a delicious treat from our friend Jeni Beni. Thanks Jen for the "Vampire teeth."

Michael had a scavenger hunt while working on his number 7

Thats right, sometimes we dont get dressed for school... Michael working on his letters with a bag of shaving cream!

So proud of his "K"

Our science experiment of poliching pennies. Learning about oxide and acids.

Our shiny pennies!

Enjoying a snack in his favorite seat!

At the playground before heading to the pool for some PE.


Learning about yeast... Making bread with little Michael....


It was delicious!! Thanks Selina for the awesome recipe!!!


Ferial said...

Love those superhero lanterns! You need to put them on Pinterest. ^^

Mrs. Adams said...

Love it! What fun you all have been having! Your pictures are wonderful! You are SUCH an awesome Mama...and your Stafford Crew is so blessed to have you!

Ray, Jayme, Caeleb, Alaura & Hailey said...

Awesome! Love it!!!!

The Army of Allmans said...

Kim- you are an ispiration! What a good mother and teacher you are! I want to know how you made the superhero lanterns- you know our fam would love them! I only wish we were closer so I could get some tips (or you could teach my children!) love and miss you!