Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Case

About a month ago, Mike and I found little Michael sleeping in his pillow case. Not for warmth, but for snuggle... He is obviously a child who still loves to cuddle, so when I asked him if he wanted me to make a Michael case for him, he assuredly said, "YES!" Off to the fabric store I went (kicking and screaming!):)and found some cute super hero fabric, I mean, super manly, super hero fabric!! I sewed up a Michael case in under an hour, and my baby boy has been smiling from ear to ear, everytime he is in his case... This of course caused case envy, so I undoubtedly needed to make one for Kayden, so back to the fabric store I went!! (YIPPEE!) This blog post is a few pictures from tonights adventures in our storage room... Sewing 101 has never looked so manly!! :) Enjoy!
Oh, and please disregard the cowboy hat, for some reason in tonights game of tag, the person wearing the cowboy hat was the good guy... I guess the good guy feeling was cozy for sewing, so the hat stayed. Yeah for sewing accesories! :)


Mrs. Adams said...

LOVE. It's been PINNED! :)

thelantzlife said...

oh wow! that is way too cute!