Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A treat from my kiddos!

The kids were extra quiet this morning when they got up. So quiet in fact that when I woke up they had secretly colored and hid special treats for me to find. Kayden was the mastermind behind it all and asked Michael and Lily to draw pictures for me and then wrote down his brother and sister secret messages to me on sheets of paper. They sent me on a scavenger hunt shouting clues as to where the gifts were hidden. When all was said and done, I found 4 pieces of paper, 2 notes and 2 drawings, all from my sweet children. What a way to start my day!!! I was happy to know that while I slept that were working together on a sweet gift and not up to trouble!! Maybe, after all, we are doing something right!!! :0)

I like you mom and a drawing of a queen from Michael!

I love you mom and a beautiful piece of art from Lily!

Lily working on school. She is mastering some fine motor skills!

She's so stinkin cute!


Ferial said...

How wonderful! What sweet little ones you have!!

Beth Jacquot said...

Your kids are adorable. And I have NO DOUBT you ARE doing something right!!! (lots of things even) :)

Mrs. Adams said...

I LOVE the clothes line, that is adorable! I'm so copying...and linking back to you of course! :) Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas with us! And your kids are so sweet, but how could they not be with a Mama like you?!