Thursday, December 8, 2011

Rag Ornament

To make a rag ornament, you need glue, scissors, foam ball, skewer or thin screw driver, fabric of your choice, and rope.

I wanted mine to be festive, so I chose bright Christmas colors.

Cut Fabric into 3/4 inch strips. (I cut 15 strips (9 inches each) of each color, and was able to cover my 3 inch ball. Cut more or less depending on the rag you desire.

My pile of strips of all three colors.

At this point you are ready to start your ornament! First, spread a small amount of glue over a small area of the ball. Place your skewer at the middle of a strip of fabric. Wrap the side of the fabric up and push each piece of fabric through the foam ball. Only press though 1/2 to 3/4 inch. Continue with more fabric strips until your area of glue is covered. Repeat until your ball is covered with rag! Trim your ornament as you like. Tie rope string and push through ball with skewer. Secure rope with glue or hot glue gun. (I did hot glue for this step, simply because it dries faster and my ornament was aready for immediate hanging!) :)

Bam!! Rag Ornament!! So Fun!


Ferial said...

SO cute!
What a fantastic and simple craft!
Love it, Kim.

Mrs. Adams said...

Awesome! Thanks for sharing! I'm SO going to try this!