Thursday, December 8, 2011

Reason #9734 why I love homeschooling... SNOW DAYS!

For the first time this season, we woke up to snow!!! I was awakened to my hubby calling me fom his work telling me to look outside. I was SOOO happy!!!! :) Within a few minutes of lying in bed, I heard the kids start sturring and the blinds start to wrestle. From their room came the sounds of joy! WE LOVE SNOW!! The boys immediately ran to my room and jumped into my bed and told me all about what was going on outside! Of course Kayden asked if we could play hookie from school work this morning and play outside instead!! With much joy, I jumped out of bed and ran to find the snow gear! Off to the snowy morning we ran! My ears were greeted with tons of laughter as they remembered once again, how ceative God is! With each snow flake, I was thankful for the days of hookie, the warm house that awaited our return, and for the little angels that God gave to me, for they were busy this morning making snow angels themselves! I hope your Winter is full of hot cocoa, warm blessings, and all that Jesus has for you each day!

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Mrs. Adams said...

What a wonderful, fun day! God is SO good!