Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dinner with friends

Kayden and Nate





Last night, we had a few friends over for playtime and dinner. Nate and Braden are a few of Michael and Kayden's favorites, so time with them is always on their list of things to do. We were blessed to get to spend the evening with them and have their mom join us for dinner. Amanda has been one of the greatest friends to me while I have been here in Alabama. A true mild and meek spirit, ( which I so desperately desire to obtain) a beautiful heart, and a love for the Lord that shines through her smile. She blesses me each time we are together and her gentle voice is always uplifting and encouraging. Everyday I am with her, she brightens my day and brings me to my knees with thankfulness to the Lord for bringing such an amazing friend into my life. A wonderful example to me of what Christ looks like... She lives, breathes, and shows the love of God to all who come near her! Thank you Jesus for blessing me with a friend and true example of what I should strive to be more like! Here are a few of the pictures I shot while our kiddos were playing!

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Abigail said...

Hi Kim! I'm glad that you shared about updating your blog! Loved the note you shared about Amanda and the kids. Isn't it great when God know just what, or who, you need before you do!? So glad that you have been able to have some girl time!