Monday, May 3, 2010

Our adventure away from comfort!

Isaiah 9:6 "For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace." Praise God!

Well.... This trip to Korea didn't start last week, or even last month, it started years ago, when Mike and I decide to follow Christ... To follow Him wherever He would lead, to follow Him out of my comfort zone and into His plan for my family.... We know the old saying " wherever the Army sends us", but for us, we know that God is so involved in our everyday life, that He ordained this decision, and so, we follow Him! That choice lead us here! To sad goodbyes, heartache of loneliness, and a yearning for peace that only He can provide... The choice leads us to our knees! To the only place that I feel comforted when I am so far stretched from home! I cry when I think of friendships that I desire to reach out to, friendships that were left but not lost. Friendships that build stronger with distance, for prayer builds and does not seperate...I long for many things.. A place to call home; a place to lay my children down at night, a place where THEY feel settled. I long for a peace that surpasses understanding... I pray for it, and I wait expectantly, for I know He will answer!

Amy and me.. Our "See you later" moment!

Aunt Debbie with Michael and Lily

Mr. Brock and Michael ( his favorite Sunday school teacher)

All the ladies who have loved and raised my kids... Hillcrest Baptist church nursery!! I love you all!

Having a ball jumping on the mattresses... the only things left in the house...

Michael... sound asleep...

Lilybug, snooping around

Miss Allison, came to say goodbye at the hotel.. I love you girl!!!

Kayden and Grace spinning Michael and Jake around... The only fun thing to do in a hotel!

Taking a break!

Michael drawing on the 14 hour plane ride!

Kayden, as happy as could be with his new DS...

On our layover in Chicago...

Sweet boy!

Trying to wheel Lily into our room from the second room.... the only way to get her to sleep was to have a seperate room for her to go down in.... then Mike had to wheel her over to our room... Sweet baby!

In Yongsan, Korea... Our first destination...


The boys running free in the gardens

Kayden at the park outside our hotel

Michael playing in the park at the hotel in Korea

Lily was a hit to the tourists and the natives...

Really.... they love her!

Little Bit!


Amy A. said...

It looks beautiful there! I'm so thankful you made it there safely. Kiss the kids for me...and tell the boys that Garrett misses his buddies. Love you!

Grandma said...

Grandma is relieved to see you have a good, safe, place to land, and a Starbucks!!!!!!!!!!!
Feel better soon.