Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A day filled with park fun and shopping!

The kids are loving the hotel park.. It has something for every age... Lily loves the slides and the adventures houses, Michael loves the basketball hoop and spaceships placed throughout the jungle gym, and Kayden just loves the fresh air... They run, giggle, climb, and make friends..... Boy, do they make friends.... I love that about them, they make friends everywhere they go! Just a simple smile and they are off running, playing tag, and bonding with others around them.. It makes my heart smile to see the kids interacting with others. Watching other people see my kids the way that I do; as the awesome kids that they are! They are flexible, resiliant, understanding, loving, patient ( most of the time ), and of course amazing.. They joy they bring only multiplies in times of chaos.. It makes me realize that they teach me as much as I teach them.... That they smile at a simple joys, not overcompensation.. That they thrive off happiness... To be a child again, that is what I desire....... Here are a few of their giggles.....

Weeeeeeee.......Lily at the bottom of the slide......

Lily.... mid-slide.... she loves this......

Tired.... so tired in fact, she could sleep standing up!

Kayden loving the fresh air....

Lilyann planning in the fun tree houses.

Kayden enjoying his DS at the park... Only Kayden would love this!!!

Kayden and Michael.... you can't really see Michael, thats because he refused to be seen... Only Michael!!!


Grandma said...

Pictures of the kids make my soul smile. They are happy with the world.
Enjoy your stay at the hotel while you can. Its a vacation!!
Soon enough youll have to unpack and life will get back to normal.houslyse

twila royval said...

Hi Kim, Mike, and kids,

I sure wish my front yard looked like that. It is beautiful except for the rain, but we have been having some of that too. Kids sure look like they are having a good time. When your Grandma called and said you had arrived in Korea and that they had a Starbucks in the hotel, I thought who says there isn't a God? I know he put it there just for you and Mike. Missing you guys already and Sande sure misses you all. Love to all of you. I love keeping track of you on the blog.

Aunt Twila