Sunday, May 23, 2010

Long overdue, but a post none the less!

It’s been a few days since my last post and so much has happened, so I will try my best to catch all the family up on what we have been doing.. We have been busy, busy refereeing two rowdy boys who long for friends outside of each other, busy soothing a pained teether, and busy trying to find a church home… So much has happened, where I begin…. This past weekend, Mike had his Hail and Farewell party for his battalion.. We got a sitter for the boys and took Lily for a night out on the town… The party was at a beautiful restaurant in Osan called Blue Opera.. The atmosphere was beautiful and the party was great, Lily on the other hand was a bit fussy, so we headed outside and left daddy at the restaurant… While out, we wandered the main road that stays open long into the night, wandered through shops, browsed the local clothing boutiques, tried on shoes ( which I must pause and say that I felt like a compete ogre simply because the largest shoes in most shops were 9 and I wear a 9.5/10… My feet are apparently so big they don’t even make my size… Talk about insulting! Anyway, off my soap box!) The moment we started out the streets the paparazzi swarmed… Touching Lily’s face, wanting to hold her, making goo-goo faces at my angel… She loved it! No wonder she got fussy in the restaurant, we were surrounded by Americans who paid no extra attention to the beautiful blonde girl.. But outside, she was an original… One of a kind!! After aimlessly wandering for a bit, we begin our trek home…. I looked over and saw a familiar face.. One that I knew was a part of my past… I asked him what his name was, and to my surprise I was looking at a guy that I hadn’t seen for years. His name is Dominic and his mother was my mother’s prayer partner. Our moms were like best friends… They shared their fears, joys, trials, and successes with each other and here I stood, face to face with the memory that my mom loved me enough to give me to God daily…. She was the best! What an awesome way to end my day.. Seeing a face from Modesto, Ca in Osan, South Korea… Thank you God for your daily reminders of your love… You just make me giggle….

On Saturday, Mike’s company was heading up a group of people to go to the local orphanage and play with the children… Mike decided to go and take Kayden along for the experience.. I kept joking with Mike that this was the day he was going to meet his second daughter… He smiled and shrugged off the notion.. But of course, he couldn’t help but find a few favorites in the crowd. He immediately fell for a 4 year old who teamed up with Kayden for the day.. She and Kayden held hands, drew together, played, and even kissed on the cheek a few times…Mike ran around offering piggy back rides to all the children and wore himself out with all the playtime. Kayden and Mike both had a great time there, and were asleep on the couch before bedtime… It is a monthly opportunity, so we are hoping to go again soon and maybe I can meet my new daughter ! (wink wink)

Also, we got our first shipment of stuff this weekend… Our unaccompanied baggage came with toys, clothes, and towels.. We were ecstatic! Like Christmas all over again, only A LOT louder… The kids are adjusting well to the new place and are finally beginning to understand the new rules that come with living above someone and only having hardwood and marble floors..… "No hitting the bat on ground, no jumping from the furniture to the ground, no running before 7:00 am, no being bad when the windows are open and the neighborhood can hear me yell at you, no, no, no"… A long list of things not to do… They are happy though… Happy to have a home, happy to have their toys, happy to see daddy each day… Our joys are too many to count, our trials are making us stronger, and our home is intact… A unit that even language can’t shake….

On to our prayer needs… We tried out two churches on Sunday… One was a missionary church, Lighthouse Baptist, and the second was a contemporary service at the Chapel…Both were great. We loved pieces of each, but need prayer in the decision process… Lighthouse had an amazing service but only sings hymns (nothing wrong with hymns , just not used to them), and Chapel also had an amazing service and worship, but has a few things that leave me uneasy.. Prayer would be greatly appreciated…

Pieces are falling into place.. Our family is back to a regular diet, a regular schedule, and its regular sleep pattern.. Slowly but surely, our home will be back to regular as well… With only a few more weeks until our furniture is supposed to arrive, we are excited to say that we are home and together…. Together is our favorite place to be…..

At the orphanage... saying goodbye....
Kayden and his best friend..


drawingKayden and his best friend again!

Preparing for lunch..

Making friends..

On the zipline

Lily just loved the ball pit... Michael loved wrestling Lily in the ball pit...


Caught off guard!

The kids with Chief the dog...

At the housing park!

Lily showing the kimchi squat!

Michael playing!

Kayden and Michael displaying their sibling rivalry...

Lily sporting her new PJs that daddy bought her.. She likes being a butterfly!
It is definately a girl thing!!


Amy said...

I love you guys! You are such a wonderful writer and your pics are so awesome! Miss you much! Went to the park yesterday missed you dearly! Hugs and kisses to All...Amy

The Ousdahls said...

I am so glad you are keeping a Blog so we can stay updated on you all! How cool that you ran into Dominic...did you tell Matt that? I will mention it to him tonight! Also, we will continue to pray for guidance as you guys seek a church to attend!!

Lots of Love from Delaware!!


Grandma said...

SO happy to know things are getting back to your normal, happy, and exciting life. And seeing beauty everywhere.
The church you pick will be blessed to have your family part of it.
Love Grandma