Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Daniel 4:35

The last few days of our transition here in Korea have been difficult for me… On our last days in the hotel the kids grew restless, my patience grew thin, and my relationship with Mike grew tension. The space was beginning to cave in on my personal space and the kids were invading everyone’s personal hearing space in the rooms beside and below us.. With the limited area, I could feel the attacks coming from all around.. I felt pressure to make decisions, determine volume control, and entertain the masses in a 500 square foot area.. My vision about what I thought it would be like was fading farther and farther from reality, as we sat waiting in a small hotel room! I read the Word when I could a word in edgewise, and prayed for strength… I thought the season of my pain was in missing my friends, but I was quickly brought to reality that my real test of the season was in my trust for the Almighty.. Mike went to work, organized paperwork needed to move from point a to point b and we sat waiting; waiting for Lily to wake up, waiting for lunch time, waiting for Mike to get home…. Waiting! Life was on hold… Or so I thought… As we got everything situated for housing, Mike organized for temporary furniture to be delivered to our new place…. They told us we were on the waiting list for everything but beds.. I thought to myself … “You have got to be kidding me! You bring my whole family out here and you don’t even have a stinking couch for me to sit on!” (For those who know me, I am sure you can picture me saying these things with a faint “huh” at the end!) I was livid! I was angry! I was restless! I deserved a couch! Well, I thought I deserved a couch until God reminded me of the scripture in Daniel. “All the people of the earth are regarded as nothing. He does as he pleases with the power of heaven and the people of the earth. No one can hold back his hand or say to him : “What have you done.” Daniel 4:35 I am deserving of NOTHING! I, little princess, do not even deserve a bed… IT’S NOT MINE! NONE of it is… It’s all HIS! He gives it to me… And here I sat, pouting! Complaining about not having a couch, but he gave me a bed! Instead of rejoicing in the fact that I would have a place to lay my head, I complained! “ Could it be your arrogance that makes you think God owes you an explanation” –Crazy Love by Francis Chan. It was sheer arrogance that left me wanting an explanation, left me feeling like I deserved something. And yet in the midst of my tantrum, God taught me something amazing…. He taught me to be still. "Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth." Psalm 4:10... You know what the funny part is… they delivered our stuff yesterday, and there was a couch… Not only a couch, but 2 lounge chairs, brand new (fresh out of the boxes) LG front load washer and dryers, coffee table, dressers, and night stands! When I was throwing my tantrum, God was shaking His mighty head and wondering when I was going to figure out His greatness! The word of the day is trust! Again, I ask Him to forgive me for my lack of faith, for God calls me to trust Him, even if it is about a place to sit!

Here are a few pictures of God's provision... I just had to take some pictures of how they bring the furniture in.. They brought a lift and brought it all through the window of Lily's room!!
I hope you enjoy!

Michael and Lily in the tub..... They made a HUGE mess with the water, but they had a great time!!

Sweet Kayden ready for bed... I just love this smile....
Starting to move the furniture in...

Through the window it comes!

Our living room with the temporary furniture.. Very roomy!!!

Our new dryer!

Our new washer... Military isnt treating us so bad!! :)

The kitchen... Clean!! YEEAH!!!


Melinda said...

It looks nice Kim, glad you are calming down some...I would be just like you. I have to remind myself of all the good God gives me and don't worry about what I think I must have.

Aunt Debbie said...

Hey Kim,
I just have to say you are such an amazing woman. Your post made me cry. You guys have been through so much this past month and have all held up extremely well. What a blessing that you can see past it all and recognize that God is in control and is looking out for you - one of his special angels on earth. Your new home looks beautiful! I hope to be able to see it one of these days. Please give everyone a big hug and kiss for me. I can't wait to hear more.
Aunt Debbie

The Army of Allmans said...

Wow Kim, you are such a blessing and a strong woman in the Lord. I miss you and your thoughts on things so much. I know the Lord is blessing you b/c of your faithfulness in him. I love you and miss you. Your house is beautiful and everytime I use my washer and dryer I will think of you...we have the same ones! (but I had to buy mine!)

twila royval said...


Your house there in Korea looks really nice. I am sure you and the kids are glad to have a home of your own with room for everyone. I love your updates, I use them as my spiritual readings for the day. Keep them coming,you don't know how many people you reach with this. Miss you, Mike and the kids already, but know that God has wonderful things in store for his people. Love you,
Aunt Twila

Abigail said...

How wonderful it is to see you learning each day what God is doing in your life! You are such an inspiration and an example of how to be a God-fearing wife and mother! Love all the updates!