Sunday, May 23, 2010

Happy quilt makes me Happy!!

My Aunt Twila sent me a message the other day reminding me of Gods gentle mercy in putting me at a base with a coffee shop! Today I am reminded of that same mercy..... Today I found a fabric store!! I took the short 25 minute trip with my friend Kristi and her 3 sweet kiddos... There it was, "Happy Quilt" I could almost hear God giggle as I walked in....My eyes were wide, my heart was beating..... I was ecstatic... It was what I always thought a fabric store should look like... It was beautiful and inexpensive....

I bought 18 yards of fabric for 60,000 won = $51.50 which is 2.86/yard... Expensive stuff like Vera Bradley, Michael Miller, Amy Butler.. all there... I had to walk away and remind myself that I could come back later..... That these were not closeout prices... These were their regular prices..I didn't need to buy it all today..... But oh how I wanted to...

I am smiling as I type!

For my fellow creators... Take a breathe, because these pictures might just leave you breatheless!!

What I purchased.. Take a look Megan,that's OU for Emily's birthday present!!


Amber Szabo said...

Wow that is AMAZING! Why can't Turlock have a store like that? Will you be making bible bags? You could make some sweet little dresses with that fabric.

The Ousdahls said...

I am SO thrilled for you!!!! I can just picture ALL THE BEAUTIFUL things you will make with those fabrics! Enjoy! I love you bunches!

Your Sister in Love,


Anonymous said...

Kim , it takes so little to make you smile. We all need to learn from you.
Love Grandma