Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Another day in Massanutten

Swimming in the pool at the resort

Wheelbarrow races with Uncle Matthew

Michael doing his excercises!

Kayden doing his workout!

Doing flips... Crazy boys!

Michaela, Grandma, and Madelin showing us their moves!

Uncle Matthew, Great Grandma, and Michaela performing for the family!

Grandma, Michaela, and Madelin dancing!

Grandma bowling

Throwing snowballs.....


Snowballs at daddy!

Relaxing on the snowballs!

Another day of fun, fun, fun.... another day of go, go, go! I cant even explain how much fun this trip has been, spending time with my brother and his family has been such an awesome experience of learning how a family of 4 and a father of 2 girls works.... Madeline and Michaela are the sweetest and most precious little girls... Dainty in all areas girlie, full of such vibrant laughter, and full of such joy! They dance on their toes, giggle when they run, and eat quietly.... Time spent with them has been so different from the life that I usually live back home in Alabama with 2 rowdy and rambunctious boys and a new baby girl! Kayden and Michael wrestle at every opportunity, growl like dinosaurs when they run, and eat loudly, expressing every taste that they are experiencing... Lily is quickly following suit to all things dirty.. She loves to devour her food, leaving nothing behind, eats with her hands, and often smears food in her hair, just because.... Two vastly different worlds, but two worlds that have so much joy and laughter! Two sets of cousins and two families that will always been connected by love and happiness! Here are a few pictures from yesterday and today! Enjoy!

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The Ousdahls said...

I LOVE your many posts recently!! I especially like this one! We have SO ENJOYED our time with you all and Grandma!! It is such a blessing to be able to do this. We LOVE you all so much!