Sunday, February 7, 2010

Yeah!! We are back by popular demand!!

Michaela and I on the elevator.... Cant wait to get out in the snow and make angels!

Kayden enjoying the jacuzzi tub in our room!!! Its HUGE!

Kayden making a snow angel!

Mike and Lily... Her first time in the snow!! She loves it!

Grandma and Lily... Relaxing in the room, while the big kids make snowmen!

Mike, Kayden, Michaela, Michael, and I on our ice bench!

Eating snow!

Kayden and I..... Cheese!
Michaela, my sweet neice!

Kayden... He loves the snow!!!

Micheal was more interested in cleaning the snow off of the cars!

Putting gloves on!

Matthew playing Flash Match!

Well, I know that it has been far to long since I last posted, but here we are, back and more fun than ever!! We have been busy over the past few days, traveling over 5 states ( Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virgina ) to vacation as a family at the fabulous Massanutten Resort in Virginia! It has been quite an adventure to get here, traveling through a major east coast snowfall and thunderstorms all along the way. We broke up our 13 hour drive with a stay over in Atlanta, GA and a visit with my cousin Sande. We love to stay with her, mostly because she is the BEST chef ever, and we enjoy their company too! She is an amazing host and always makes us feel welcome, so that is a regular stop for our family! Thank you Sande, for housing the Stafford's, yet again! After a good nights sleep we got on the road for our 8 hour drive. Once we hit rain and snow, our part day road trip turned into an all day affair, taking us almost 11.5 hours to travel the remainder of the way... Once we arrived in the Four Seasons resort, we were greeted by my brother Matthew and his beautiful wife Melissa, their two daughters, Michaela and Madelin, and my grandmother Martha!! Whew... What an exciting day!! This is the first time that Melissa has met Michael and Lily, and the first time that our family has ever met the Ousdahl girls.... Michaela and Madelin are absolutely BEAUTIFUL! They are just stunning little girls and the kids have all had such a great time running around our condo.... The space that Matthew got for us all is a four bedroom 4 bath with 2 complete kitchens, and 2 GIGANTIC jacuzzi tubs!! It is awesome! The kids have been running around our space, playing games, coloring, watching movies, and playing in the fresh 18 inches of snow! It is so pretty to look out our window and see valleys and mountains of fresh snow.... Everything is covered with a fresh coating of white and the boys are full of excitement each time we leave the resort... The love to throw snowballs and make snow angels, and have had a great time getting to know their cousins! This all in 2 days! Wow.... I can't wait to see what the next few days have in store.... I will keep you all posted with the new pictures and fun videos... I am sure there will be plenty of good ones today, as we venture out to the Massanutten water park.... I cant wait!! Until next time........................

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