Saturday, February 27, 2010

Celebrating Michael's birthday, early!

Sweet Grace....

Michael blowing out his candle!

Nate, fighting his battle!

Wow, Chuck E Cheese is BIG!

Michael REALLY liked his cake!

All of his friends came to watch him open presents!! Thanks for coming!

Caylie and Garrett watching Michael open gifts!

The Tatom's going head to head!

Kayden and Michael

Sweet Jake!

The AWESOME Robinson's (minus daddy, but he's awesome, too!)

Anna and Lily!

Today we celebrated Michael's 3rd birthday! We headed to Dothan's Chuck E Cheese and invited his closest friends to come out. Michael had a blast with his buddies (and girlfriends) and played every game imaginable. After celebrating and blowing out the candles I reminisced over the last 3 years.... What a joy it has been to be Michael's mommy... I always hear that middle children are often left out, misplaced, and even forgotten, but with our dear sweet Mike, it would be impossible to let him get lost in the shuffle! He brings such joy to our family and often leaves Mike and I in tears from laughter! He is full of amazing energy, has a heart of gold, and an independence that equally matches his full of life personality! He is amazing! My friends here in Enterprise laugh at me when I talk about my kids... I kept help reminding everyone that my kids are awesome! Today is no different, my kids are amazing, and I wouldn't change a moment of my life with them, for anything in the world! I love you Michael, Happy 3rd Birthday!

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The Army of Allmans said...

Wish we could have been there...there would have been an Allman kids in each picture. Happy early Birthday Mike...we love and miss you!