Sunday, February 14, 2010

Our final days in Massanutten, Va

Grandma and the Great grandchildren

Sweet Cousins

Kayden at the water park


Michael at the water park!

Uncle Matthew and cousin Michaela on the riverboat!

Michael on the slide!


Lily bug in her tutu bathing suit! So sweet!

Michael and Lily on the river boat!

Lily bug and daddy!!

Lily's new dolly!

My sweet baby girl!

The last day of our trip was definitely the best! We started the morning with some shopping (Melissa, Grandma, and I) I love Target, by the way! After we got back to the lodge, we relaxed during the kiddos nap time and got ready for an evening at the water park! We dot to the park around 3 and had an enjoyable time relaxing with the kids... Matthew and I rode some of the big slides together, and that was so much fun... To be hanging out with Matthew like that reminded me of the old days.... I just love my big brother! We enjoyed the water and the surroundings until the kids got hungry... After changing, we headed up to a restaurant that overlooks the water park... We had a great meal and a wonderful time of fellowship! The kids loved looking over the rails and watching the park below! After dinner we headed home ( to the resort ) to relax and watch movies! It was a great night!! Enjoy the pictures!!!

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