Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Indoor Water Park

Lily Bug!

Lily and her Daddy!

Kayden enjoying his dinner after a day at the water park.

My thirsty little man...

My sister-in-love and I.... Sitting for just a moment before saving the world.... or at least kids!

Sweet Boy!

My neice Michaela enjoying the warm water!

She is such a firecracker! Sweet Madelin!

Lily Bug being silly!

Sisterly Love!

Go Kayden!

The Ousdahls floating down the rapids!

Kayden just posing!

Lily eager to get to the water!

Michael and Mike floating fown the river! You can see Lily biting at the rope to get to her daddy!

Michael and Madelin getting ready for the rides!

Momma and Lily....

Wow... I am pooped! We spent the day running, running, running... I don't think that we have slowed down at all today and now that the house is quiet, all I want to do is sleep.... But instead I am loading pictures for you all to enjoy!! The question of the day is this... Is 2 hours of your time worth $160.00... This morning, Mike and I went to a resort invitation, where they try to sell you a timeshare... The incentive for us to go was 4 free water park tickets... Well, at first Mike and I were wondering if the money would be worth our time, but after finding out that the water park admission ticket price was $38.00, we decided that a few hours of listening to others peoples jumble was worth $152.00. We loaded up the car and headed to the front lodge, only to find ourselves desperately wanting a timeshare... Wow, are they good salesman or what! We did leave empty handed, because if there is one thing that I have learned in my 27 years, is that you should always sleep on big decision and an big investment! And $26,000 is a big investment! We are still on the fence about the whole idea, but at least we got 4 tickets for free.... And those tickets were definitely worth it! We arrived at about 1 and we just got home at about 6:30. The boys are already bathed, fed, and sound asleep, ( and it is only 8:10).... I have enclosed a few pictures from today! I hope you can all vicariously live through the joy in my children's faces!! Love to all of you!!!

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